Welcome editors, Samantha, Amber and Kayla. This is now your project. A Wiki is a web page editable in collaboration by a team of people (you) or the public. For now, I have limited permission to edit to you three and me, and I won't be doing much since it is to be your project. I have set up a basic structure, but I imagine that as you play around and learn, you'll be anxious to develop your own. So feel free to delete anything I've done and start again. Please leave the outside links intact.

The exciting part about collaboration is that you all can come in at any time and add content, revise content, or delete content (though I would be very cautious about this).

I don't know how you will divide the work or how you envision the content. It needs to fit the requirements for your SW project. The three of you will have to proceed on your own. If you want my help for anything, just ask. Resourceful, intelligent young women such as yourselves who are risk-taking enough to try something as "new" and "kinky" as a Wiki, probably don't need my help at all.

Wishing you all the best and some fun in the process,

PS Go back to the main page and check out the discussion forum there. Read both carefully.