This page is dedicated to helping teachers

bring technology into their English classrooms.

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Teacher's Lounge (where we introduce ourselves)
Other Web 2.0 tools

A fresh perspective:

Erica and Rachel, from Milwaukee Academy of Science, visited my Cyber English classroom today (May 27, 2008). Erica is going to go cyber next year with sophomores, a group she currently has as freshmen. They had a lot of questions. I suggested they join this group, as there are others here who share their questions and needs. We also have some experienced voices who can teach and advise (right, Ted and Leslie?).

We were also able to have lunch together off campus, a real treat for any teacher. They shared with me their perspective of my two classes. The main things they noticed were that the students were all on task (high engagement) even if they were not all doing the exact same thing. They also noticed how competent and comfortable students were as they bounced around between applications (Word, to Web editing, to Internet, etc.). They also were impressed with how confident and knowledgeable students were.

I forget that when I first visited Ted's class back in 2000, I was impressed by the exact same things.

Note on the origin of this page:
Sometimes the confluence of things/events suggests a related effect should occur. Within two days this January (2008), I received two different emails from teachers (one from Virginia, one from Indiana), asking how to go about creating a CyberEnglish class, or something similar. It seemed apparent that this "coincidence" was a cosmic message telling me to find a venue for our shared discussion. I chose this Wiki page for a few reasons:
  1. it is public and will potentially help other teachers who have similar concerns,
  2. it is editable by all of us,
  3. we can discuss ideas/problems/issues,
  4. it is a Web 2.0 tool, and teachers who use the tools will integrate the tools