Critical Reading & Thinking

Potential Survey Questions

  1. How many times a week do you eat a meal at a fast food restaurant? 0 times 1-2 3-5 6-10
  2. How many times does your family buy food at a farmer's market each year? same as above
  3. Classify the majority of food eaten in your home: a. made from scratch using whole ingredients (like vegetables, meat, eggs, flour, dairy, etc. b: made both from scratch and from prepared mixes (a fresh salad but spaghetti sauce from a jar) c. frozen, ready to eat meals
  4. Characterize your family's attitude about food: A: Heathful food is a common topic in our home; parents want to educate us B: we sometimes talk about healthful food C: We don't ever talk about what healtful food
  5. How many sugared sodas/drinks do you consume per day? A: 0 B 1-2 C 3-5
  6. How many servings of fruits and vegetables would you say you consume each day (an apple is one serving; 1/2 cup of broccoli is one serving) A: 0 B: 1-3 C: 4-7
  7. What do you usually spend your lunch money on? Choose all that apply. Regular school lunch Ala carte pizza Ala carte sandwich Ala carte chips ala carte fruit ala carte salad ala carte cookies/bars ala carte soup ala carte yogurt ala carte veggie burger ala carte hamburger I do not buy school lunch
  8. What do you order when you go out to eat? Do you supersize? fried foods, saled, etc.
  9. Does your family create meals directly associated with a specific culture?