Critical Reading & Thinking

Objective & Plan
Materials/Docs/Etc. Needed
Introduce Unit: Overall objectives
To practice the skills of critical reading and thinking;
Become a community of bloggers who use blogs to read, write, and
think about topics of value.

We've chosen a theme to get us started: Food (Local food, Eating real food, etc.)
We will read a variety of articles on this topic and practice reading for information

Beyond that, each of you will select a topic that you are personally interested in,
search the Web for credible sources of information that you can use as evidence
in blog posts that you will write.
Docs: 1) What does critical thinking/reading mean? 2) What does a
community of bloggers look like? Why does one want to become part of
a community of bloggers.
Fact versus Opinion. What does this mean? How can you tell?
Fact versus Opinion lesson.
Take food habits survey. Begin watching Food, Inc.
Dialectic notes organizer. Follow up questions list.
Continue film

Finish film; Answer questions prior to discussion.

Discuss film; hand in questions.

Write a blog post about the film, using questions as the basis for the post.

Get first article and read, looking for fact vs. opinion. Discuss the ideas.

Get second article and read, using SOAPSTone chart. Discuss the ideas.