Connections Plans

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This document was begun on 2/20/08

We met to discuss what steps need to be taken to further our goal of implementing a twice-a-week advisory period.

Contact Kerrie Levanduski to verify that our plan is not going to violate our contract.

Run tentative schedule to see what it would look like.
in progress
What are other schools doing? Do an Internet search. Consult any listservs we belong to.
can't come
Invite Ron Holder from Kiel to talk with us about their program.

Investigate program materials from other schools.
(Dawn set up a Wiki page for everyone to post results to).

Revisit old Senior Project to see how it can be incorporated into the junior/senior year advisory goals.

  • Mentoring—who is doing it? Everyone should be assigned a mentor group.
    • One of the keys to success is having a small number of students.
    • Match teacher strengths to student needs.
  • Who runs it? A director? Stipend? One less class? Clerical help?
  • What are we already doing? Where are areas of overlap in courses? Example, English 10 students do a resume. English 9 students write a personal statement.
    • It will weaken our goals if students see that we are not organized or coordinated.
  • Why are we doing this? What do we want to achieve?
    • 100% graduation from 9th to 10th grade.
    • Career portfolio by end of senior year.

* We need to imagine a four year progressive plan (curriculum). A year-long calendar would help us plan. Do we think that there will be a set activity for every Tuesday?
  • What kind of evaluation plan do we have in mind? We need to do some kind of data collection. We need to have some quantifiable measure.

Role of Advisory Director:
  • Distribute materials (including directions for use) to all mentors prior to Tuesday
  • ___