Semester Exam

Hogue's Goals for this 2010 Exam:

  • It should have a section for reflection, but not redundant (or overly redundant) from what we've already asked them to do.
  • I really like the statement "Getting Better is the Only Thing" and having them do something with that. Explain the specific ways you have worked to get better this year. You may write only about English class, but you can also open up your reflection to other classes and school in general.
  • It should be a review of some lit and poetry terms, but let's not do matching.
    • Can we possibly combine this with the bullet point on character and theme?
    • Instead of doing matching, can we have them do a couple of brief readings (text they have not seen before) and then answer multiple choice questions that involve these terms?
    • I like this idea, using passages they've read before.
  • It should be a review of the three main sentnece faults we've tried to teach them.
  • It should be a review of the basic usage errors they still commit.
    • Blogs: don't indent paragraphs, italicize book titles, proper quote citation
  • There could be some basic questions about literature we read, especially about character and theme.
  • It would be kind of nice if it were a cyber test, but that may not be possible, especially if we loathe Moodle, and that would take tons of time.
    • Perhaps something they download off of the blogs and complete in Word. They would then email it to us.
    • I would also want it to be something easy to grade!!! I know that is selfish, but it is a reality.
  • As for prep, what if teams of students created their own "quiz the class" activity. They could do a variety of things:
    • Lit (fiction and poetry) terms
    • Main characters & Titles
    • settings of books
    • What a character knows/learned/taught
    • Main conflicts and resolutions
    • things they've learned about using wikis, blogs, formatting and writing using computers
  • It would be a fun way for everyone to get engaged and active, plus they might remember more if they create the "quiz" and monitor the class. We could just mediate when necessary and maintain order.